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Triol AT27 Might of Voltage

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Triol AT27 MV

Distinctive benefits

-10 ºС…+60 ºС (14 ºF…+140 ºF)

Operating temperature maximum range

NEMA4 (IP66) or NEMA4x



Color touchpad

≥ 0.96

High power factor

Induction and synchronous motor

Wi-Fi Wizard


No costs for HVAC system

Minimum constructing and installation costs

Outdoor, for maritime climate and high conductive dust concentration

Output voltage and current sinusoidal

Operating in unstable mains

Build-in output filters

Custom designs

About product

Extremely reliable solution for general industrial

Medium-voltage Variable Frequency Drive Triol AT27 line MV is an extremely reliable solution for general industrial use in a wide range of operating temperatures (up to +60°C), in conditions of high dust content including conductive dust and moisture. The drive rated power ranges from 200 to 4000 kW.

Perfect drive for operates in harsh operating conditions

Triol AT27 VFD line MV operates in harsh operating conditions that are achieved due to the increased IP65 enclosure with a dual-circuit cooling system. Heat is removed from the power unit through air-to-air heat exchangers using fans. Triol AT27 VFD line MV is a cabinet-type drive for both outdoor and indoor installation The model range of this line includes a number of versions depending on the rated input voltage, rated motor voltage, rated power.



Input voltage, kV

3; 3.3; 4.16; 6; 6.3; 6.6; 10; 11 (-15 % ...+10 %)

-45% continuous with power limit

-100% not less than 100 ms with controlled generator mode of the motor

Input frequency, Hz 50 / 60 (-10 %...+10 %)
Power, kW

3 / 3.3 kV

4.16 kV

6 / 6.3 / 6.6 kV

10 / 11 kV

from 160 kW up to 2000 kW

from 160 kW up to 2000 kW

from 200 kW up to 2000 kW

from 320 kW up to 2000 kW

Power factor 0.96
THDi (input current), % < 5
Pulses of rectifier

18; 24; 30; 36; 48; 54

(depends on the number of cells in each phase)

Overvoltage protection Surge arresters


Rated output voltage, kV 3.3; 4.16, 6; 6.6; 10; 11
Output frequency, Hz from 0.5 up to 120
Frequency resolution, Hz 0.01
Output current, A 25…480
Overcurrent characteristics

120 % of rated value for 120 sec

150 % of rated value for 3 sec

THDi (output current), % < 2
THDu (output voltage), % < 5
dV/dt value < 1000 V/μs
Efficiency, % ≥ 96




Copper transformer Copper bus is the material used for transformer windings. Transformer parameters and efficiency are commensurable with the basic type of transformer with windings of aluminum busbars.
Mechanical bypass of power cells Bypass of each power cell of the drive is made on the basis of a vacuum chamber, with a response time of not more than 4 msec.
IGBT bypass of power cells Bypass of each power cell of the drive, made on the basis of IGBT transistors.
Additional power cell in each phase For compensating voltage drop on the output sine-filter or reactors (if available) and the long cable line, as well as to ensure operation in the nominal mode in the case of bypassing the cells (with this option).
Increased protection degree  Enclosure NEMA4x 
Alternative range of operating temperature Operating temperature from minus 60 ºС to plus 40 ºС
Bottom cable entry Organization of terminals for entry power and signal cables on bottom of the AT27.
Additional PCB coverage Coating of printed circuit boards with a special varnish to protect against aggressive impurities in the air.
Electromagnetic door lock Electromagnetic locks on the doors of the AT27 power compartments provide protection against opening doors when medium voltage is applied.
Reactors for transfer of the motor to mains Designed to provide synchronous and shockless transfer of the motor to mains.
Sine-filter Designed to improve of the output current and voltage THD, as well as reduce the value of the parameter dV/dt.
Medium-voltage switch compartment

Allow you to implement the required one-line diagram.

Built-in option or external cabinet is defined upon request.

Profibus communication protocol Convertor Modbus-Profibus